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made in omaha


kindred shops in kansas city, overland park and independence 



📍establised in 2016 // omaha, ne


hello ruby is a fashion experience that is unique; shopping for the most stylish & affordable clothing & accessories... on wheels.


Our shop is always on the go and our adventures have consisted of fashion truck pop-ups in the spring, summer and fall, storefront pop-ups in the winter at Aksarben, Westroads and Rockbrook in Omaha, NE. We also travel to Kansas City to do holiday shows; and our online shop has been drastically growing, so we recently have a warehouse space outside of Omaha in Waterloo, NE. We host occasional pop-up shops there with a lot of other like-minded small business owners. We're available for private pop-ups and LOVE to collab with local businesses. Seriously, we love it.


We have been featured in the Omaha World Herald, KMTV, KETV, WOWT, Strictly Business, and most recently on The Morning Toast.

Our label is featured in all three Made in Omaha locations, as well as Array of Shops in Town Center in Kansas City!


Our motto: G O P L A Y !

jill dudzinski // owner

I have always been a wantrepreneur -- until 2016. After stumbling upon a local RV that had been renovated to be a boutique when I was on vacation, I said, "I am doing this!" Months of research and planning, learning the community and reaching out to endless people, we had our grand opening on April 1, 2017.


Along with hello ruby, I co-founded A Local Collective, with my friend and fellow shop owner, Katie Manganaro of Little Mango. We established this to amplify the voices of small shops across all of Nebraska. Supporting a small business means supporting the local community and we love that for us.

You can hear about small business life via 'Where There's a Wheel, There's a Way' Podcast in collaboration with Hurrdat Media.


As the owner {and small business lover+ supporter}, I love to hear your feedback and genuinely want to hear anything; good or bad. I will do my best to make any situation right!


📱 So, call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me.

jess // shipping queen

jess manages the back of ze 'house items. receiving, shipping, wholesale, you name it. she has had years of retail experience and we are grateful for that! she knows our system inside and out! 

makenna // pop-up shop girlie

you'll see makenna shleppin' the threads for a good set-up for a pop-up! she'll be your smiling face at checkout when you support our events! 

sarah // wholesale baddie

sarah is the woman-power behind our wholesale division! she works with our local printer to make sure our customers have everything they need!

haley // photoshoot stylist

haley plans our photoshoots which entails heading to the warehouse to see what's new! we pile clothes on her and ask her to style them, schedule the photographer and vision and just GO! she's been a constant since hello ruby dropped ruby tuesdays and we couldn't love her any more! she support our events + you may notice she's the sweetest gal on earth!

ruby // namesake

Ruby was with us for 5 {short} years and she was the sweetest little girl. Except if she had a treat and you were another dog. Then she was not a sweet girl. Hehe.


Unfortunately, we are still unwell after she crossed the rainbow bridge. :( So happy she is part of the business, though!

80/20 Mindset: Shopping Big & Small

It can feel oh-so-easy to open Amazon and purchase with the single click of a button. Hello, timesaver. With a million other hectic things to prepare for your days/weeks/months, the ease of buying gifts from corporate giants is tempting. Because as much as we’d all love to spend 100% of our budget on shopping local, sometimes it simply is not feasible.


But that doesn’t mean you should exclusively shop at giant retailers, either! In moderation, you can find a balance. Use the 80/20 guideline: 80% corporate, 20% local.


It’s an easy mantra to apply going into your every day life, and it helps make a big impact on the local community. Here are just a few benefits of dedicating a small portion of your gift-giving budget to local vendors:


You are boosting the economy around you.


Visualize the money that you spend at a local business staying local — you are literally investing in the betterment of your hometown.


Your gifts will be one-of-a-kind.


When you purchase from a local artist, maker, or small business, you get to give presents that can’t be found anywhere else. Nothing beats that kind of satisfaction.


You are making an eco-friendly decision.


Buying gifts from a smaller-scale business rather than a giant corporation means that you’ve chosen to reduce any additional pollutants.


You know exactly who you are buying from.


Have you ever felt guilty about not knowing where and how your gifts were sourced and assembled? There’s more peace of mind when you buy directly from a local maker.


You are supporting the dreams of a business owner in your hometown.


And you have the chance to directly impact the livelihood of that artist, craftsman, or maker in your own community.


The reality is that it’s not always easy to shop local - but it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. 


That small push to add a few local stops to your shopping cart will leave a big impact! So thank you for choosing us to be a part of your list. Anything big or small really means the world to us and we are thankful for you ❤️


Jill & crew