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From Fashion Truck to Storefront | Moving into Rockbrook for the Holiday Season

By Jill Dudzinski

From Fashion Truck to Storefront | Moving into Rockbrook for the Holiday Season

From Fashion Truck to Storefront

We are moving into Rockbrook for another holiday storefront pop-up!!! 2019 baby, the last two months of the decade & we're making a show-stop! 

Announcing hello ruby storefront at 10813 Elm Street in Rockbrook from November 1 through December 31.

Grand Opening Weekend: Friday & Saturday, November 1-2 {10-6} & Sunday, November 3 {12-4} *Enjoy 20% off everything!*

Holiday Season Hours: Monday - Saturday {10-6} & Sunday {12-4}

You know when it gets chilly and you want to shop in a normal temperature? Yeah, we got you. Sleep well, fashion truck -- we'll see you again come spring.

Join Jill, Denie {with a possible Ruby appearance} and the gang for a couple months. We really just want to hang with ya.

hello ruby at rockbrook holidays

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our 5 fall favorites

By Denie Jacobson

our 5 fall favorites

BRING ON THE COLDER WEATHER!! Finally, we're having the cool mornings set in, then dripping sweat by noon, but none the less we're getting some colder weather here in Omaha! It's officially fall today, which means all of our favorite things are coming back into our lives again. Jill and I have made a list of all of our 5 fall favorites and want to know if you totally agree or have others on the top of your list, we want to know!!

"Top 5, top 5, top 5.."

1. Leggings

Oh, how we've missed you so!! Picture this, you're off work, you're going to take your dog on a walk, the sun is beginning to set, the weather is at a perfect 62 degrees, you have your favorite leggings and sweater on AND you're not sweating your a$$ off !! Can it get any better???

2. Iced Drinks Turn to Hot Drinks

Will we still order a medium iced Carmelicious 1/2 the flavoring every morning? Yes. Will we no longer have to water our drinks down with ice? Absolutely. Bring on those hot steamy Carmelicious that make the mornings much more bearable.

3. Neutral Nail Color

Okay for me this is an all year thang but for Jill the claws are about to be ~all natural~. And by that we mean the color - we're going back to the neutrals. Yes, 100% we still will be getting plastic tips glued to our nails than covered in an artificial dip to make ourselves feel like we have our lives together. 

4. Fall Transition Sweaters

Anyone else have a thing for long sleeves? For a person that easily sweats, it's a very complicated relationship but man do I love long sleeves, hoodies, sweaters, etc. With that we cannot just jump headfirst into the chunky knits and heavy sweaters- that would be a disaster, emphasis on the sweat. The good news is we have the perfect fall transition sweaters that will satisfy your fall needs but are light enough to be paired with shorts, jeans, leggings, or skirts! 

5. Statement Booties

Like heels but better, more stability. The booties are coming back but why make them the boring ole neutrals we see every year? Spice things up this season with the print that is absolutely EVERYWHERE, snakeskin babyyy. 

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Las Vegas Market Recap

By Denie Jacobson

Las Vegas Market Recap

Heyooo, Denie here! Jill and I are back from Las Vegas Market (sad) and I wanted to give you all the inside scoop on what it’s like to go to the clothing market for the first time! To help you paint a picture of what this experience is like, let me break it down a little before we dive in completely.

Throughout the year convention centers around the world are packed with clothing vendors from everywhere that display and sell their products for businesses, like us hello ruby, so we can bring them to our wonderful customers like you all. Jill most typically goes to the Vegas market, MAGIC. She goes in February to order from the brand’s Spring lines and if she’s lucky maybe see a sneak peek of what is to come for prefall. Then in August, what we just went to, she orders Fall/Winter/Athleisure clothing and gets a glimpse of what is what come Spring. The kicker is there are HUNDREDS of vendors to weed through. It’s an opportunity for us to actually touch and see (and on occasion try-on lol) the clothes that we order for you guys to make sure they’re exactly what we want. The physical “samples” that are on the racks aren’t always exactly what we get in a shipment but it’s helpful for us to actually handpick the clothes compared to just ordering online and crossing our fingers for the best. SOOOO this is what it was like from my eyes. 

First Impression: Overwhelming and exciting!! 

There is no situation that is comparable to this. Just take my word for it when I say this place is PACKED. Luckily Jill had a game plan (JK she actually forgot to register me and we had to stand in line for an hour to do so). We already have brands that we know and love so those were our go-to’s the first day. The main stops were DoubleZero, to see our main man Eddie, and Le Leis to see Brandon. It was so fun to see how Jill has made such fun relationships with her vendors, they were just as excited to see her as we were to see the clothes… I mean them- soo cute. The first day we spent an hour in line at Starbucks before we started (lol priorities) so we went the whole day without stopping and ended the day picking out shoes mostly so we could sit down while we shopped.


The last day we spent the majority of the time searching high and low for the perfect jewelry and accessories. Let me just say, I will be purchasing one of about everything as soon as it comes in- it's sooo good. Jill also came face to face with her big time girl crush, the owner of The Tiny Coset. 

Vegas wasn’t all work obviously we had to play a little. We had ourselves a Sunday Funday before market and spent the day walking the strip sippin, shoppin, and eatin. You may recall our stories form that day, and if you do…. I’m so very sorry.  After day one, Jill met up with another fashion truck boss babe from Vancouver and talked “business” while I put my feet up at the hotel. After we treated ourselves to a crab + steak dinner and had ourselves a niiiight. 

Jill says going to market is the best part of the job, she loves it! Although at times it was challenging for me, Jill and I discovered we have very different styles lol, I had an absolute blast. The whole time I just kept thinking, how is this our job?? We’re so lucky to be able to do what we love every day and have you guys to thank for it! We wouldn’t be able to do what do without your support and love so thank you times a milli for all that you do!! Also a shout out to my Jilly for always living life with a #goplay attitude and making every part of this job fun and teaching me so much along the way, ily so much!

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hot off the press!!! we're trying to get fit at elevate

By Denie Jacobson

hot off the press!!! we're trying to get fit at elevate

As I’m sure you’ve seen through our Instagram Stories {you’re welcome for the laughs} Jill and I have recently started our workout journey at Elevate Cycling and Fitness Studio. If you have never heard of it or experienced it, I seriously feel bad for you, but after reading this I have a good feeling you’ll be headed there reeeeal soon. 

I’ll start this by saying I have NEVER been a fan of group fitness. I’ve tried it multiple times before and always end up quitting. I love running and totally gave up on the idea of working out in a gym. UNTIL we tried our first class at Elevate. Sarah Marshall, the owner, {Yes, like Forgetting Sarah Marshall} invited us to a class after a pop-up we had at Elevate {after Jill wouldn't go alone for the past year} and the rest was history. Every time we go to class we are excited and {nervous} gitty to see what the workout will be like. The instructors mix up the workouts so even though we’ve taken the same classes over and over, it’s never the same workout. When we leave {after chatting Sarah’s ear off for over an hour} we both feel so accomplished and motivated to join more classes. 

Here is the list of the classes & their descriptions that we’ve tried so far:

Cycle & Sculpt:

Their signature 45-minute cycling class with an upper-body component, this class is set to the beat of the music that will get you going! Light hand weights are used throughout your workout to incorporate upper body toning throughout the class. Focus your energy and ride!

Cycle & Strength:

Raise your heart rate with 25 minutes of interval training on the bike and follow it with 25 minutes of floor work off the bike using dumbbells, Bosu balls, medicine balls, and TRX.

Box & Sculpt:

Get ready for a full-body workout! A combination of weights, bodyweight, TRX, and bag work will be used throughout the class.

What we loved the most:

-love the events they throw, they really strive to build a community with their clients {ehem, we pop up there a couple of times a year :)}

-feeling super fit and energized after {obvi, that ish ain't easy}

-having the competitive edge being in a group environment but having the lights off so there wasn’t any added pressure

-love the people: owner, staff, fellow clients

-how easy it is to sign up for class: the MINDBODY app makes it easy to fit the workouts into a busy schedule

-cash and coco {duh, the totally adorb pups you always see}

What was hard af:

-the classes, the instructors will work your azzz off {they cool though, don’t worry}

-being on time {sorry Sarah, we love you}



ALSO, I think I can speak for both Jill and me when I say, having a buddy to hold each other accountable was KEY. It’s so much harder to say no to a workout when someone else is counting on you. It also makes it 1000x more fun! My fav is when the instructor demonstrates a hard station in boxing then Jill and I just look at each other and laugh {is it due to fear?? 100x yes}. 

Now that you have the DL on our experience at Elevate Fitness so far, we have a very special treat for you! You get the wonderful opportunity to join us on the bikes or on the bags with a free class! Find Elevate Fitness Studio on the MINDBODY app and use code ‘helloruby’ to try your first workout fo freeeee. {Message us to tell us what you signed up for so we can laugh together hehe}.


They also have a class deal for the month if July: buy 20 classes via the MINDBODY app and she'll tag on an extra 10 on your account! Also works if you buy 10, you get 5 free!

WARNING: try it once and you’ll be addicted!


BTW: No they aren't giving us a million bucks for this blog we genuinely just love it this much lol

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sheeee's baaaack

By Denie Jacobson

sheeee's baaaack

Hey hey hey, it’s me again! {and by “me” I mean, me Denie!} What did I say?? “This isn’t the last you’ve seen of me” and sure enough, I’m back again!

Although Jill might still introduce me as, “Denie, my intern” every now and then, this girl right here is moving onto bigger and better things. As of late, I may now be introduced as….drumroll, please…. "Denie, my brand manager". What does this mean you may ask?? I have no idea! Neither does Jill!

JUST KIDDING ….. kinda

Has our obsessive schedule of coffee, Indian food, watching Ruby, and Jeffree Star drama come to a halt? Absolutely not. We would never let that happen. {Actually, we’ve tried to cut back but it’s the first week and it’s not looking good for us or our wallets. Scooters lady to Jill this morning: “Aren’t you the medium iced Caramelicious half flavor girl?” Lmk if you hear of a Scooter’s Anonymous meeting anytime soon, I know a girl.}

What IS different this go-around is I’m making Jill relinquish the reins {just a tad} to give me just a liiiittle more responsibility. When I’m doing my thang you can catch me at work on a handful of things. Things like….

X brainstorming new marketing strategies

X social media curating

X explaining something to Jill to only realize she hasn’t been listening for the last 10 minutes

X content development/graphic design

X truck management

X hanging out with Ruby at Jill’s house when she’s gone

X customer relations

X learning the in+outs of small business

X babysitting Jill

And the list continues to grow….


So yes things are basically back to normal around here but also SO different, normal on steroids - ask Jill, she’s been dying without me ;) My position isn’t the only thing that is changing around here either. hello ruby has some very exciting new ideas in the works. I can’t tell you exactly what but all I gotta say is keep a look out for some new new.

What I caaan tell you is just for reading through this entire blog, I’ll slip ya the code “DENIE” to use at checkout for 15% off your entire order. {good for all items, excluding sale}. If you want something even sweeter than that be sure to subscribe to our email list to receive all the perks of being a part of the helloruby VIP crew!

I ALMOST FORGOT… the best and biggest change from last summer is I got my very own little Ruby, well kinda. {Apparently a requirement to work here is to have a doodle and I didn't even know it??} Her name is Lucy and she is the cutest gdang GOLDENdoodle I could’ve ever dreamed of- had to specify for the sake of Rub's feelings. {ily forever Ruby}. 

Till next time,
cheers XO Denie

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the things we loved this weekend.

By Jill Dudzinski

the things we loved this weekend.

the things we liked. no wait, loved, this weekend.

Omg we had an amazing weekend full of pop-ups that were FUN! I mean all pop-ups are fun but it's such a treat to have so many fun ones in a rowwwwww! 

Friday we made a stop at Hank and Ax on 129th and Maple. They remodeled their space and it's literally gorgeous. They also have new services from facials to brows so take a look on their website.



It's so scandy & airy I can't explain. I may be stopping by on another day to just hang out cuz wow is it instagramable. I also bought a face mask called by Image Skincare -- the anti-aging hydrogel sheet mask. Your girl's almost 30, so. For $7 it's like a facial in a pouch.

Fun fact: the Crane Coffee re-opened on 129th and Maple after the accident awhile ago. They had 25% off their signature drinks so mami got herself a crane special. They are also running specials all week so go see their new drive through building  

Then Saturday--- so much fun. Had a pop-up at Zen Coffee where they opened their newest venture Zen Room. Check them out on IG.

They also were celebrating the opening and renaming of their neighborhood, Farnam Hill! Adorable!

Got these fresh blooms from Magnolia from their flower bar. They are already making my house smell great and it makes me happy!

And lastly, Sunday -- a pop-up with a favorite, lululemon. They styled me and paired with some hello ruby jewelry for the event. So. Much. Fun! Especially with our BFF, Little Mango.

On the fly skirt {I am wearing a 6}:

Why I like it: 

  • Customize The Fit With The Drawcord In The Waistband
  • Hidden Pocket To Stash Your Cards And Key
  • High-Rise


Why I like it: 

  • Removable Cups
  • Lets You Move Without Restriction


Why I like it:

  • Huge front pocket
  • Rolled Back Cuff Lets Heat Out While You Cool Down
  • Long Length
We had a packed full schedule and it's so fun when you come to see us and share your weekend with us! Thanks for supporting us, as always! AND BC OF YOU WE HIT 10K ON IG. thank you thank you thank you

    What’d you all do? 


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    neutrals kim k would die over

    By Jill Dudzinski

    neutrals kim k would die over

    I mean we think? She likes neutrals - don’t you think it’s kinda like the line from that one movie. Oh yes, The Wedding Planner. Matthew McConaughey tells J. Lo the brown M&Ms are healthier because they have less artificial color. I feel the same for clothes? More natural, less chemicals. I’m totally kidding, but here are our favorites right now.

    our cloud short sleeve breathable sweater:

    Cloud hello ruby


    our ruffle ribbed off the shoulder top:


    we are still vibing for stripes as a neutral on this top:

    How do you style your natural items? Are you all in for natural all over or do you pair with something bright for more sass? 



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    styling hello ruby with lululemon

    By Jill Dudzinski

    styling hello ruby with lululemon

    We all know one of our favorite and quality athletic line is lululemon, so we've partnered with them to bring you a super fun pop-up collab! 

    Join us February 15th from 10-2 at Village Point for a fun day of shopping hello ruby and lululemon! We will be featured in their store with a few racks and accessories for you to shop your little heart away. I mean if your significant other didn't get you the things you ACTUALLY wanted, we got you. 

    Here is how we styled one of our FAVORITE large printed leopard distressed sweater with lulu. We just got this beaut in!



    Our favorite leggings are ones that are high waisted and some sort of texture on them that way it's easy to dress them up or you still have the option to wear them to barre/spin class. Oh and I can *literally* have my phone glued to my hip. These are a win and of course will last a lifetime. See more here.

    hello ruby lulu lemon


    After the sweater and legging were decided, we wanted to add some flare to the outfit. This Trace Back Bomber is made with military grade material -- it's lightweight, water repellent, and keeps you dry on the inside. I can see myself wearing this on a daily basis, too. 

    hello ruby lululemon omaha village point

    And all together xx a perfect HELLULU collab {Am I funny? No?}


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