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free gift cardssss // one for you, one for me

By Jill Dudzinski

free gift cardssss // one for you, one for me

merry christmas ya filthy animal. give the gift of ✖️a n y t h i n g ✖️for you or boo.


for a limited time only, 

👉🏼 buy a $25 gift card & receive $5 free

👉🏼 buy a $50 gift card & receive $10 free

👉🏼 buy a $100 gift card & receive $25 free




here’s how it works:

*at checkout you’ll purchase the gift card denomination you would like and you’ll receive it via email instantly.

*the extra bonus gift card will be emailed to you separately within 24 hours. 

*promotion runs from 12/3-12/24 and gift cards never expire. 


again, this happens once a year for a limited time so take advantage if ya shop with us or know someone who does. it’s a great way to sneak yourself a gift in this holiday season. we don’t tattle on who uses the free gift card ;)

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you have been waiting all year for this.

By Jill Dudzinski

you have been waiting all year for this.
we are going all the frick out because why not. we are so excited to announce our pop-up {a local collective} at westroads mall at the upper level outside of von maur. if you look down from the upper level where we will be, you'll see santa ;)
a local collective features AMAZING local vendors -- little mango, ripley & rue, the anastasia company, wax buffalo, crossthreads + nebraska barnwood. 
again, you can find hello ruby with a local collective at 10000 california street at westroads! right outside of von maur at the upper level
pre-black friday sale
30% off online today through giving tuesday {11/27} 
black friday in store
40% off 8am-10am
30% off 10am-10pm
small business saturday in store
40% off 8am-10am
30% off 10am-10pm
sunday in store
30% off 11am-6pm
cyber monday online
30% off all day
code: hollyjolly
giving tuesday online
30% off all day and 20% of proceeds donated to The Bethlehem House {read more about their mission, here}
code: hollyjolly
all weekend
bring a used clothing item for 50% off one item.
*one per customer please.

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local spotlight & collab | julia mason

By Jill Dudzinski

local spotlight & collab | julia mason

When Julia Mason reached out to me to collaborate, I was thrilled!  We met a while ago at another pop up event. As young entrepreneurs, we have a lot in common & I’ve loved her work for awhile.  

When I moved from my old house to my current house, I had her do a custom piece of a picture of my first house as a surprise for my husband. It’s amazing and we love it and show it proudly on our wall! 

Julia’s studio sits near 20th & Leavenworth and is as adorable as she is. I snapped a few shots and if you are near the area (or not even close - worth the drive) message her to stop in. She is open by appointment only and has the cutest local, neighborhood prints, canvas totes, tea towels & beyond. It’s perfect gift items and or just to add to your own place. 

This is her first Lincoln piece that she has done and wanted to collab with hello ruby on the shirts! She sent the print over and I was in love. The shirt includes Home & Closet, The Stadium {of course!!}, the Capitol, Prescott Ave., the University & more. We got them printed through a local printer that I always use, Ink Alley, and are thrilled with the detail and how they came out. 


Take a look at Julia's Studio & our shoot for the shirt! PS: would you like to see other shirts? OMAHA, EHH??


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ruby's recovery

By Jill Dudzinski

ruby's recovery


I posted awhile back about our #1 gal's health issues and wanted to share with everyone who has been asking about the progress of Ruby.

Here's the quick recap:

-Mid-August, we took Ruby to the vet for lethargic activity and she seemed to be in pain. She was released on an upset stomach but an hour after getting home she could not walk.

-Took Ruby to the ER + they told us she was paralyzed and we should go to a board certified Neurologist to do the surgery. She was diagnosed with IVDD {Intrervertebral Disc Disease} 

-Because it was on a weekend we couldn't find anyone to do the surgery in Nebraska, Kansas, or Iowa so we had to head to Columbia, MO for surgery. The surgery went well; however she had multiple infections and was diagnosed {and later dismissed} with diabetes. 

-Her recovery was {and still is} taking longer than expected because of those complications. We got her back to home to Omaha and Ruby seemed to be doing much better as time progressed. She is standing on her legs for up to a minute and she can walk if we assist her with a sling.

-Because her infections are FINALLY clear after over a month, we started her on Physical Therapy today with Laser Therapy {seems scammy to me? lol but apparently it works} and Hydrotherapy starts next week. She'll swim in a pool to help take the pressure of her own weight off! We are excited to see that because she loves to swim!

-We are elated at the progress Ruby has had in the past couple weeks. We are hoping that this can boost her to finally take steps and get back to herself. If you want to see more, I have been documenting Ruby's Recovery on my personal IG handle @areyoujillous

-If you're #ROOTINGFORRUBY, feel free to use that code and take 20% off your entire purchase if it's over $50 -- it's good through 10/11 at 11:59pm.


GO PLAY! {Ruby still is, don't worry}


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What is market like? Magic in Las Vegas

By Jill Dudzinski

What is market like? Magic in Las Vegas

Vegas for a bachelorette party --> AMAZING

Vegas for a buying market --> EQUALLY AMAZING

They are so different but both are so great! This was my third market at Magic in Las Vegas. It is two times a year in February and August. This time my friend Jenna came with me {she came the first time} and we had a blast. We went a bit early for the full Vegas sha-bang. Gambling, pool clubs and booze. So much fun. The best thing is the time difference - you can wake up early and it's so easy because it's two hours ahead of time. 8am mimosas/bloody marys - that's normal right?

And of course, we had to visit the classic Vegas sign {with champs in hand}

Then we took pics of each other like normal extra 20 somethings do.


Ok, then we got to work. Market is SO HUGE, SO BUSY and there are a ton of pretty people! It is at the Las Vegas Convention Center and you get on one of what seems to be 100 buses that herd you to the show! It's so fun to see other boutique owners and their styles from all over the country and world! There are hundreds of vendors all lined up in the show area. Their booths can be so intricate and most of them set-up for days prior and have a whole crew to do so. 

Magic brings the largest selection of women's apparel and accessories in the industry. The latest women’s and juniors’ trends, the most-wanted brands and the hottest emerging designers. It’s complete with upbeat music {HOLLA JOJO}, undeniable beauty, and of course, style. We did however, miss James Kennedy from Vanderpump rules. {Click here from our last run-in}.

Here are our top picks:

1. Sneak Peek Denim | Coming in starting September through December --> We got light, dark denim + black/grey denim. We also got distressed jeans and super stretchy comfy fitted denim.

 2. Chunky sweaters with a twist --> arriving now through December. Ivory and white was definitely one of the major colors we saw. Big prints + large details are everything.

3. Dark denim jacket --> Distressed + raw hem

We have a TON more inventory coming, but the pictures are a cluster and not blog worthy Hehe. We can't wait to get these items in and style them! If ya'll want something, holler at your girl.

Go play! {We did a LOT of that this week}

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ruby the intern is 3 {aka 21}

By Jill Dudzinski

ruby the intern is 3 {aka 21}
To celebrate our #1 pup, we wanted to look down memory lane of our best gal. She's already had 2 pup cups and is headed to the lake to celebrate her big 2-1!
Here's when we picked up Ruby for the first time! Isn't she a doll?!
Doesn't she look like a little lamb?
 We took her to the pumpkin patch in a stroller and she was sooo tired after walking all day. She slept in my arms {and on pumpkins}.
Ruby's second b-day party {skipped the first b-day because I guess I wasn't basic enough}.. She has so many fur-iends..HASHTAG BLESSED
Proud Fam 
And today, on her third birthday - can’t believe she's already on out of her teens and onto the drinking age.... they grow up so fast, don't they?!
We are hoping she makes it home at a reasonable hour tonight. Fingers crossed.
To celebrate Ruby's 21st, use code 'BLACKOUT' for 21% off orders over $65! This includes the few fall arrivals we have! We are headed to market in Vegas on Saturday, so more will be trickling in and we can't wait for you to see! {We'll be FaceTiming Ruby every day}! Let me know what fall trends you are into in the comments below!
Jill {Ruby's Mom} :)

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life of an intern: it's not all coffee runs, just 95% of the time it is

By Denie Jacobson

life of an intern: it's not all coffee runs, just 95% of the time it is

Hello all, the intern Denie here! As my time as the intern comes to a close, I wanted to give you the inside scoop on what my time has been like at hello ruby!

For starters, where in the heck did summer go?!? I feel like my first day was last week! I will never forget my first day; it was comprised of me meeting Jill at Scooters {shocking} to go over my duties for the summer as well as my schedule. We ended up being there for hours because we talked about E V E R Y T H I N G - instantly knew that I was in for more than just your norm internship. The next day she threw me into a photo shoot, and by the end of it, we were changing outfits in my car. We were laughing so hard at the situation that we entirely dismissed the fact that we’ve only really known each other for 24 hours {my Jeep is not very large, needless to say, Jill knew a whole other side to me on my 2ND day of work} and the rest was history.


"It's so hard to shoot with best friends sometimes." - Photographer

"We just met." - Us

^literally she said this

Throughout the summer Jill really was everything I could've asked for for my internship. {reminder: I come from a small town and am interested in starting my own boutique someday.} Every time Jill would do something on the computer she would say “okay now watch this” or “okay I’m going to teach you how to do this” or "that's another thing". She never held back information that she knew would help me - even the stuff that went over my head; she broke it down. I also never really worked clothing retail before, so it was so much fun for me to merchandise the clothes in the truck and put flat lays together. Jill would be my cheerleader on the sidelines and tell me how much she loved it and of course that made me feel reeeeal good. Basically, by the end of it, I was more of her personal assistant than an intern lol {example: organizing Jill's shoe closet, taking Ruby on walks, etc.}

Between working { HOT AF } events, ordering inventory, hanging/steaming/tagging inventory, working with brand reps, and planning social media we had pleeenty of time for some fun.

Here are just a few of our fav things to do:

X start every morning with a coffee

X sit in the drive-thru while waiting for our coffee + complain about how many calories are in + how much money we are wasting

X go to Jill’s house and stare at Ruby while she eats treats

X watch an excessive amount of Jeffree Star + complain about how much time we just wasted

X get Indian food twice a week no matter how bad we feel after


And the list could go on and on.

So moral of the story here folks? Go outside your comfort zone!! I wanted so badly to go back to my small town for the summer and be with my family and friends. When I reached out to Jill, I told myself if I got the position I would stay, but if I didn’t get it, I could go back home. Jill having me work for her has been one of the best things that could've happened to me before I graduate. It completely gave me a 180 of what I wanted to do post-graduation, my outlook on retail is completely different, and more importantly, I made so many great connections in Omaha that I will be with me as I try and pave my way in this industry. {And connections are everythiiiing people.} But the very best thing I got out of my internship was Jill. She went from a stranger to my boss, to my mother, to my favorite coffee date, to my favorite Indian food date, to my best friend in a matter of three months. This girl can ALWAYS make you laugh. Ya can’t beat that.

Go find your hello ruby, go find your Jill, and as she would say “go play.”

XO- “the intern” Denie

P.S. this isn’t the last you’ve seen of me 😉

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go play collection launch

By Jill Dudzinski

go play collection launch

HI! Anyone tired from the mid-week holiday? SAME! 

It's Jill, the owner, here to tell you about our inspiration for our new line that we are SO V. EXCITED ABOUT! I have this rose gold journal that I got as a gift when I opened hello ruby. Since launch of the truck, I have been journaling in it with ideas, trials and errors, inspiration and the like for about 2 years! I always have a running list of things I want to do with hello ruby and different directions that I could take Omaha's only fashion truck!

My own t-shirt line is on that list.

I want cute tees that aren't the same old unisex fit. I wanted some that were cropped, shirts you can knot, fun tanks with fun sayings, etc. I wanted more colors and I wanted d i f f e r e n t husker shirts.

So, we started designing. We worked with Ink Alley in Lincoln {highly recommended} to come up with exactly what we wanted and on what types of shirts. I brought some contemporary shirts to them, too. I want this to to be about comfortable items, looking cute and not worrying about either of those. You can throw them on with leggings or cut-offs and you have a put together look. 

After designing and printing the shirts, we designed + printed our "GO PLAY" collection tags for the inside of the shirts. The back of the tag matches the truck triangles and we are in love with how they turned out.

G O P L A Y is something we live by on a daily basis {inspired my my mom} and want to share that mantra with you. Life is short. You only have one life, GO OUT AND PLAY! Take a look at our past post in detail about why we always say "GO PLAY- xo



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