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ruby the intern is 3 {aka 21}

by Jill Dudzinski

ruby the intern is 3 {aka 21}
To celebrate our #1 pup, we wanted to look down memory lane of our best gal. She's already had 2 pup cups and is headed to the lake to celebrate her big 2-1!
Here's when we picked up Ruby for the first time! Isn't she a doll?!
Doesn't she look like a little lamb?
 We took her to the pumpkin patch in a stroller and she was sooo tired after walking all day. She slept in my arms {and on pumpkins}.
Ruby's second b-day party {skipped the first b-day because I guess I wasn't basic enough}.. She has so many fur-iends..HASHTAG BLESSED
Proud Fam 
And today, on her third birthday - can’t believe she's already on out of her teens and onto the drinking age.... they grow up so fast, don't they?!
We are hoping she makes it home at a reasonable hour tonight. Fingers crossed.
To celebrate Ruby's 21st, use code 'BLACKOUT' for 21% off orders over $65! This includes the few fall arrivals we have! We are headed to market in Vegas on Saturday, so more will be trickling in and we can't wait for you to see! {We'll be FaceTiming Ruby every day}! Let me know what fall trends you are into in the comments below!
Jill {Ruby's Mom} :)

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