Where there's a wheel, there's a way! PODCAST ALERT!

by Jill Dudzinski

Where there's a wheel, there's a way! PODCAST ALERT!

My goal for a podcast finally came true after sitting on my vision board for years and years! A meeting with Hurrdat Media through a contact at a pop-up that Emily Jessen invited me to quickly has become my most exciting meetings lately. :)

Join me as I share the behind-the-scenes diaries of curating my boutique-on-wheels experience from the beginning in 2017 up until now. I’ll be highlighting the latest trends, discussing the ins and outs of mobile retail and the inside scoop on the good, bad + ugly.

But it's not just about fashion; it's also about community. I also co-founded 'A Local Collective' with my boutique bestie, Katie Lakin and I'll dive into the heart of supporting small businesses and sharing killer collaborations. Discover how my passion for fashion extends beyond the truck, creating a collective space that uplifts and unites entrepreneurs in Nebraska.

You can expect conversations with fellow small business owners, insights into the fashion industry's trends, and exclusive peeks into hello ruby. And if you know me personally, you know I can't skip on celebrity gossip, Bravo, and the hottest trends on TikTok.

You'll be able to listen + watch on all major podcasting platforms! Thanks for the support, as always! 

WHERE THERE'S A WHEEL, THERE'S A WAY! Listen to the podcast trailer here.



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