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meet the hello ruby crew!

by Denie Jacobson

meet the hello ruby crew!

meet the hello ruby crew!

come kick back at HQ with the hello ruby gals! we're entering the holiday szn (yay!), and we figured you'd want to meet the faces behind all the clothes, packages, and events that you won't want to miss this year! we love the little "family" that hello ruby has cultivated and we get so excited when everyone is in the office, it's so fun!

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introducing our first {human} intern!

by Denie Jacobson

introducing our first {human} intern!

We have some exciting news at hello ruby fashion truck!!! We hired our first intern at the boutique! Denie will be working all summer break on our photoshoots, website, orders + pop-up events in the truck. If you see her, give her a friendly hello; she's sure to give ya a smile!


Learn about mah girl, Denie Jacobson:

Q: who are you?

A: I'm Denie, I'm from the small town of Gordon, Nebraska {way out west} and I'm a junior fashion merchandising major at UNL. 

Q: describe your style.

A: My style is definitely always changing depending on the season and my mood. Right now I would say it's a combo of retro {thanks mom for the jeans, thanks dad for the graphic tees} and streetwear. My closet is filled with black and white, graphic tees, and denim but I'm trying to spice things up with pops of color lately!

Q: on a scale of 1-10, rate yourself on how weird you are.

A: 1000+, ask my mom, ask my dad, ask my friends. Too many sources to back this information it's probably a problem.  

Q: what are you looking forward to the most with hello ruby?

A: I'm excited to see what all goes into running a boutique like you do! It's so exciting to see how successful you've become in the last year and know I will learn a lot in this summer to maybe have my own boutique someday in my future. AND to see Ruby all the time, of course, love doggies!

Q: if your closet was on fire what is the one item you would save?

A: If my closet was on fire I would save my senior homecoming dress from high school. {yikes} Sounds stupid but flipped backward it is the perfect jacket for a special occasion and is the most over the top thing I own that I would never buy again.   

Q: what do you want to be when you grow up?

A: When I grow up I want to be a good mom, hopefully, a business owner, and just a happy human. 

Q: fav animal? fav color? fav hobby?

A: My favorite animal hands down are doggiess- can't wait to get a big golden doodle like Ruby when I'm a "grownup". I do not have a favorite color, I like them all! My favorite hobby in my free time is to go running. My mom started me running when I was like 6 so it's just therapeutic and fun to do when I can!


Enjoy our fun + goofy photoshoot together!!!



intern at hello ruby

fun hello ruby truck


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