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go play collection launch

by Jill Dudzinski

go play collection launch

HI! Anyone tired from the mid-week holiday? SAME! 

It's Jill, the owner, here to tell you about our inspiration for our new line that we are SO V. EXCITED ABOUT! I have this rose gold journal that I got as a gift when I opened hello ruby. Since launch of the truck, I have been journaling in it with ideas, trials and errors, inspiration and the like for about 2 years! I always have a running list of things I want to do with hello ruby and different directions that I could take Omaha's only fashion truck!

My own t-shirt line is on that list.

I want cute tees that aren't the same old unisex fit. I wanted some that were cropped, shirts you can knot, fun tanks with fun sayings, etc. I wanted more colors and I wanted d i f f e r e n t husker shirts.

So, we started designing. We worked with Ink Alley in Lincoln {highly recommended} to come up with exactly what we wanted and on what types of shirts. I brought some contemporary shirts to them, too. I want this to to be about comfortable items, looking cute and not worrying about either of those. You can throw them on with leggings or cut-offs and you have a put together look. 

After designing and printing the shirts, we designed + printed our "GO PLAY" collection tags for the inside of the shirts. The back of the tag matches the truck triangles and we are in love with how they turned out.

G O P L A Y is something we live by on a daily basis {inspired my my mom} and want to share that mantra with you. Life is short. You only have one life, GO OUT AND PLAY! Take a look at our past post in detail about why we always say "GO PLAY- xo



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