5 things we {cannot} leave the house without

by Denie Jacobson

5 things we {cannot} leave the house without

It’s 10:25. You're supposed to be meeting your girl gang for brunch at 10:30, and still have a 10-minute drive. Although you’re running late {shocker}, what are the 5 things you will NEVER leave the house without grabbing?? 

Jill’s 5 Essentials:

  1. Cellphone with Kim K Lumee- Kim K and a brighter selfie. How could you not?
  2. Ruby- loml. 
  3. Mascara- Marc Jacobs
  4. hello ruby Keys- I always have to stop at the truck to fulfill orders and never know when I need to pop into the office
  5. Louis Vuitton- duh.




Denie’s 5 Essentials:

  1. Cellphone— This is a staple for me not only for texting&calling but I always seem to be driving and love trying new places so I NEED a GPS with me at all times.
  2. Rings— I have 4 rings I wear every day that I feel nakey without. Two that are matching with my idol {my mom}, one with the coordinates of my hometown, and one that is a tradition in my “family” for my sorority, an ivy band.
  3. Garmin— This watch is a CHUNK and is not the cutest accessory but I love checking my heart rate throughout the day {random}, seeing how many steps I’m at, and like to be able to check my notifications without being glued to my phone. 
  4.  Water bottle— All my friends know I’m always sipping on water. I get headaches so easily from being dehydrated and constantly seem to be thirsty so I have to have a bottle by my side. 
  5.  Sunnies— This may or may not be the most important of them all. My eyes are so sensitive if I drive without them it should be illegal, I literally can’t keep my eyes open.


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