awaiting new arrivals // free shipping

by Jill Dudzinski

july 11 // I ordered cute shit and I am still waiting for it! You can relate, right?

ohmigosh I can't wait to show you new items we are going to be receiving this week for our next event and online, too! We had to cancel our event tonight unfortunately due to the high temps and humidity {it was the patio pup crawl}. I was excited to pet all the dogs DANGIT!

Anywho, I wanted to give you a sneak peek at our lovely items that are in the mail rn. THEY REALLY ARE I SWEAR. It's not like that time your friend had a b-day and you forgot.

I have been wanting overalls for like a whole year now. Off and on I've thought about my ideal pair AND BYE GEORGE I think I found them. BLUSH + COURDS+ SKORT. Stop it, I know I am drooling as I write this. You'll have to wait to see this pair because they sold out so fast on the manufacturer's website that they took them down. BUT, we are confirmed for a pack so major goals.

Also, pink and distressed is something I can't say no to. AND icing on this cake > the top says 'brat' - I don't think I am a brat, but I **have been known to be** materialistic. So I said it. So what. I love clothes and shoes and everything to do with clothes and shoes. You likey?

Our next event is at Midtown Crossing! The fashion truck will be there with all sorts of goodies xx new tops, rompers, dresses, all that jazz! See what I did there? 

PS: we are headed on VACAY this week. I feel bad about it, so wanted to leave you with a FREE SHIPPING code 'VACAY' so it's on us! K BYE


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