brand feature: lush clothing

by Jill Dudzinski

brand feature: lush clothing

One of our go-to brands that has a recognizable name, is known for a quality items and has a price point that is affordable (Believe us, those three together can be hard to come by).

Lush Clothing is for the alluring, the ambitious, the adventurers and the trendsetters. The Lush girl is noticed for her youthful spirit. She is on the go and confident; upbeat and effortlessly stylish.

Lush has spent over ten years creating versatile pieces with Californian flair for nights that go well into the morning and days spent on the town. Since the brand was founded they have valued their savvy customers and are continually dedicated to creating stand out pieces that are uncompromising in style. 
We can get on board with this! We love a brand that wants us to stand out, right? Are you familiar with Lush? Do you love their brand as much as we do? 


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    Holly R. Malin on

  • This is a very nice casual dress. It looks young and fashionable.

    Silvio Herbert on

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