I did a make-up tutorial and it changed my life

by Jill Dudzinski

I did a make-up tutorial and it changed my life

You guys. We collab with Katie Ham {the owner of Elle Rêve} all the time. Katie and I met through Instagram because we were starting our businesses at the same time. You may also know her as the gorgeous blonde in some of our hello ruby photos. She's killer at a lot of things. 

As we've gotten to know each other and as I watch her do my makeup, I realize how terrible I am at my own makeup. Like, terrible. Katie makes it looks so easy and flawless and I chucked it up as a loss that I didn't have the gift. My sisters have the gift too, and a lot of my friends. But, I don't... or so I thought. Katie talked to me about offering a new service called the Deluxe Makeup Lesson. We always bounce ideas off of each other and when she mentioned this I said 'I WILL DO THIS AND I WANT TO DO IT NOW!'

This new service includes a trip to Sephora with Katie. We spent 30-45 minutes or so here and Katie looked over my entire beauty regimen {or lack there of} and she found holes in my routine. She made suggestions on what I could add in {um, baking, ever heard of it? HAHA}. She also made suggestions on brands I could use that she loves, primer {didn't know what was a thing?}, Marc Jacobs masacara {too die, literally}. It was also great because I wasn't willing to drop $300 there, so she walked me through and prioritized what I absolutely had to have and what I could drop. 

After the trip to Sephora, we headed back to her salon {17525 Gold Plaza Studio 108} where she did my makeup and told me everything she was doing and why. This is where I started learning and the vdays to come started implementing what she taught me. Each day, I've gotten better and it's a really exciting thing for me!

Fast forward to this weekend for market buying clothes in Las Vegas. I got numerous compliments about my eyebrows, contouring and everything in between. I thought I would boast about the GAL THAT TAUGHT ME THIS! Elle Reve's new service she's offering is amazing if you want to go from amateur to not an amateur LOL, give it a try. NO I DID NOT GET PAID TO WRITE MY THOUGHTS HERE, I simply wanted to share something quality that literally changed my life. 

PS: may be a good v-day gift for yourself ;)

You can book this service with my gal pal here and take a look at the pics and products I got here!



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