Las Vegas Market Recap

by Denie Jacobson

Las Vegas Market Recap

Heyooo, Denie here! Jill and I are back from Las Vegas Market (sad) and I wanted to give you all the inside scoop on what it’s like to go to the clothing market for the first time! To help you paint a picture of what this experience is like, let me break it down a little before we dive in completely.

Throughout the year convention centers around the world are packed with clothing vendors from everywhere that display and sell their products for businesses, like us hello ruby, so we can bring them to our wonderful customers like you all. Jill most typically goes to the Vegas market, MAGIC. She goes in February to order from the brand’s Spring lines and if she’s lucky maybe see a sneak peek of what is to come for prefall. Then in August, what we just went to, she orders Fall/Winter/Athleisure clothing and gets a glimpse of what is what come Spring. The kicker is there are HUNDREDS of vendors to weed through. It’s an opportunity for us to actually touch and see (and on occasion try-on lol) the clothes that we order for you guys to make sure they’re exactly what we want. The physical “samples” that are on the racks aren’t always exactly what we get in a shipment but it’s helpful for us to actually handpick the clothes compared to just ordering online and crossing our fingers for the best. SOOOO this is what it was like from my eyes. 

First Impression: Overwhelming and exciting!! 

There is no situation that is comparable to this. Just take my word for it when I say this place is PACKED. Luckily Jill had a game plan (JK she actually forgot to register me and we had to stand in line for an hour to do so). We already have brands that we know and love so those were our go-to’s the first day. The main stops were DoubleZero, to see our main man Eddie, and Le Leis to see Brandon. It was so fun to see how Jill has made such fun relationships with her vendors, they were just as excited to see her as we were to see the clothes… I mean them- soo cute. The first day we spent an hour in line at Starbucks before we started (lol priorities) so we went the whole day without stopping and ended the day picking out shoes mostly so we could sit down while we shopped.


The last day we spent the majority of the time searching high and low for the perfect jewelry and accessories. Let me just say, I will be purchasing one of about everything as soon as it comes in- it's sooo good. Jill also came face to face with her big time girl crush, the owner of The Tiny Coset. 

Vegas wasn’t all work obviously we had to play a little. We had ourselves a Sunday Funday before market and spent the day walking the strip sippin, shoppin, and eatin. You may recall our stories form that day, and if you do…. I’m so very sorry.  After day one, Jill met up with another fashion truck boss babe from Vancouver and talked “business” while I put my feet up at the hotel. After we treated ourselves to a crab + steak dinner and had ourselves a niiiight. 

Jill says going to market is the best part of the job, she loves it! Although at times it was challenging for me, Jill and I discovered we have very different styles lol, I had an absolute blast. The whole time I just kept thinking, how is this our job?? We’re so lucky to be able to do what we love every day and have you guys to thank for it! We wouldn’t be able to do what do without your support and love so thank you times a milli for all that you do!! Also a shout out to my Jilly for always living life with a #goplay attitude and making every part of this job fun and teaching me so much along the way, ily so much!


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