sheeee's baaaack

by Denie Jacobson

sheeee's baaaack

Hey hey hey, it’s me again! {and by “me” I mean, me Denie!} What did I say?? “This isn’t the last you’ve seen of me” and sure enough, I’m back again!

Although Jill might still introduce me as, “Denie, my intern” every now and then, this girl right here is moving onto bigger and better things. As of late, I may now be introduced as….drumroll, please…. "Denie, my brand manager". What does this mean you may ask?? I have no idea! Neither does Jill!

JUST KIDDING ….. kinda

Has our obsessive schedule of coffee, Indian food, watching Ruby, and Jeffree Star drama come to a halt? Absolutely not. We would never let that happen. {Actually, we’ve tried to cut back but it’s the first week and it’s not looking good for us or our wallets. Scooters lady to Jill this morning: “Aren’t you the medium iced Caramelicious half flavor girl?” Lmk if you hear of a Scooter’s Anonymous meeting anytime soon, I know a girl.}

What IS different this go-around is I’m making Jill relinquish the reins {just a tad} to give me just a liiiittle more responsibility. When I’m doing my thang you can catch me at work on a handful of things. Things like….

X brainstorming new marketing strategies

X social media curating

X explaining something to Jill to only realize she hasn’t been listening for the last 10 minutes

X content development/graphic design

X truck management

X hanging out with Ruby at Jill’s house when she’s gone

X customer relations

X learning the in+outs of small business

X babysitting Jill

And the list continues to grow….


So yes things are basically back to normal around here but also SO different, normal on steroids - ask Jill, she’s been dying without me ;) My position isn’t the only thing that is changing around here either. hello ruby has some very exciting new ideas in the works. I can’t tell you exactly what but all I gotta say is keep a look out for some new new.

What I caaan tell you is just for reading through this entire blog, I’ll slip ya the code “DENIE” to use at checkout for 15% off your entire order. {good for all items, excluding sale}. If you want something even sweeter than that be sure to subscribe to our email list to receive all the perks of being a part of the helloruby VIP crew!

I ALMOST FORGOT… the best and biggest change from last summer is I got my very own little Ruby, well kinda. {Apparently a requirement to work here is to have a doodle and I didn't even know it??} Her name is Lucy and she is the cutest gdang GOLDENdoodle I could’ve ever dreamed of- had to specify for the sake of Rub's feelings. {ily forever Ruby}. 

Till next time,
cheers XO Denie


  • Jill + Ruby + Denie + Lucy = magic. Put it in the textbooks kids.

    Molly Cornelius on

  • go roomies!

    Cassie Stover on

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