we're turning O N E

by Jill Dudzinski

we're turning O N E

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! At first I called it our one year anniversary. But wait, that's not as fun as fun as our first birthday now is it!? 

hello ruby fashion truck, mobile boutique, fashion van, fashion boutique, mobile truck, WHATEVER the heck you want to call it, is turning one and we honestly can't believe it! To think of the first year is so emotional/crazy/lesson-learning.

So, I think you all know me, Jill, the owner, but I'll share again! PS: I do go by Ruby Girl too, as many of you call me that! I love it + it warms my heart!

I started the truck back in August of 2016 when I bought the truck and officially started my business legally. My hubs and I built the thing out {for full renovation, click here} + planned to launch April. February came and I went to market and was in love with the buying process. I got back + was like wow, I need to quit my full-time job like now to make this successful. So I did and it was scary. Really scary!

Fast forward to the launch and a quick spring/summer/fall with fun-filled weeks and events - I have learned so much over the year as it relates to brands, customers, customer service, marketing, social media, finances + business in general. I have met so many lovely people that I do pop-up events with and I couldn't be more grateful for that. 

So, our first birthday. As I am thinking of fun things to do what comes to mind is a smash cake! All the cool kids are doing it! Literally. 

Enjoy the pics.


ruby-first birthday hello ruby

then it escalated....because ruby couldn't get enough...


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