like sweet treats?????? 31% off sweet enough for ya?????

by Jill Dudzinski

celebrate one of the best days of the year with

hello ruby | a mobile BOOtique

stop in on halloween {tuesday, the 31st} in your halloween best to receive 31% off of one {1} item // it doesn't just have to be you; bring your friend, dog, kid or a homeless person off the street. we don't mind.

besides the discount sweet treat, you also can get REAL LIVE SWEET TREATS ALL DAY // candy galore to make even the best diet spooked out.

when: tuesday, oct 31: 10-5*

*tuesday {halloween} hours have been cut short so our staff can drink << I mean, celebrate with their families

new cozy sweaters for fall and black denim has us meowing over here {can you guess what we'll be dressed as?}

*in-store purchases only and doesn't apply to past purchases

if you can't make it, stop in ANY DAY of the week:

monday {10-6}

tuesday + wednesday + thursday {10-7}

friday + saturday {10-6}

sunday {12-4}


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