traveling pop-up {without the truck}

by Jill Dudzinski

HELLO everyone!

We have been a little MIA on social media with our insta-stories and snapchat {if you don't follow us: insta + snapchat} WOW, we are so sorry about that. I'm sure you totally missed us and wondered if we were okay and probably asked some people about it, right? The good news is we are all good over in the hood.

The past couple weekends, we traveled to Des Moines* and KC for holiday marts.  We had a little road trip pop-up tour with our BFF Katie of Little Mango >> show her some love: here. It was a super fun experience but let me tell you, I MISSED THE TRUCK. I forgot how goshdarn *hashtag blessed* that I am with the truck. I miss that bad girl while she's in storage. 

Let me tell you about it. We packed up OUR LIVES. AKA sweaters, jeans, tops, Christmas apparel and all the goods into tubs on tubs on tubs on tubs {literally we had 9 rolling tubs}, clothing racks, bags, hangers, tables, mirrors, accessories, chalkboard signs, our bags and we GTFO of town. Katie rented a U-haul and we headed on our way in her huge ass SUV. We took at least 20 loads from car to inside convention center back and forth. There were tears shed. Not really, but I broke a nail and had weird scratches all over me. I think people thought I had cats?

Anywho, we were like "we'll go set up and then head to Ikea" --- WRONG LOLZ. It took us so long to set-up the first night we got there. That's when I started missing the truck. With the truck all I do is pull up, set up a few things and I am ready for biz. We were in both cities for 4-5 days and had long 9a-9p days. Then we would eat like crap and head to the hotel. Haha. It's so fun meeting new customers and sharing hello ruby with them. How we started in a truck, followed by a storefront pop-up and now a traveling pop-up. It's so exciting to see the progress of hello ruby the first year!

Katie and I talked so much about future plans for our businesses. It's amazing to bounce ideas off each other and have a friend that understands what you do and has the same struggles, problems, successes, etc. So stay tuned for future plans and GO PLAY TODAY + ALWAYS!

PS: Ruby missed me.

PPS: The truck will be coming out of hibernation EARLY spring and it's a bit dependent on weather. Just FYI keep following for updates!

PPPS: Holiday Lookbook dropping next week as well as Christmas Specials for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday + Giving Tuesday.

PPPS: Thanks to everyone who helped hello ruby storefront while I was away. Did the mice play?????



*I didn't do so hot in Des Moines, but I think it's karma because I talked crap on Iowa drivers. So, I may try and be nice again.


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