ruby's recovery

by Jill Dudzinski

ruby's recovery


I posted awhile back about our #1 gal's health issues and wanted to share with everyone who has been asking about the progress of Ruby.

Here's the quick recap:

-Mid-August, we took Ruby to the vet for lethargic activity and she seemed to be in pain. She was released on an upset stomach but an hour after getting home she could not walk.

-Took Ruby to the ER + they told us she was paralyzed and we should go to a board certified Neurologist to do the surgery. She was diagnosed with IVDD {Intrervertebral Disc Disease} 

-Because it was on a weekend we couldn't find anyone to do the surgery in Nebraska, Kansas, or Iowa so we had to head to Columbia, MO for surgery. The surgery went well; however she had multiple infections and was diagnosed {and later dismissed} with diabetes. 

-Her recovery was {and still is} taking longer than expected because of those complications. We got her back to home to Omaha and Ruby seemed to be doing much better as time progressed. She is standing on her legs for up to a minute and she can walk if we assist her with a sling.

-Because her infections are FINALLY clear after over a month, we started her on Physical Therapy today with Laser Therapy {seems scammy to me? lol but apparently it works} and Hydrotherapy starts next week. She'll swim in a pool to help take the pressure of her own weight off! We are excited to see that because she loves to swim!

-We are elated at the progress Ruby has had in the past couple weeks. We are hoping that this can boost her to finally take steps and get back to herself. If you want to see more, I have been documenting Ruby's Recovery on my personal IG handle @areyoujillous

-If you're #ROOTINGFORRUBY, feel free to use that code and take 20% off your entire purchase if it's over $50 -- it's good through 10/11 at 11:59pm.


GO PLAY! {Ruby still is, don't worry}



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