What is market like? Magic in Las Vegas

by Jill Dudzinski

What is market like? Magic in Las Vegas

Vegas for a bachelorette party --> AMAZING

Vegas for a buying market --> EQUALLY AMAZING

They are so different but both are so great! This was my third market at Magic in Las Vegas. It is two times a year in February and August. This time my friend Jenna came with me {she came the first time} and we had a blast. We went a bit early for the full Vegas sha-bang. Gambling, pool clubs and booze. So much fun. The best thing is the time difference - you can wake up early and it's so easy because it's two hours ahead of time. 8am mimosas/bloody marys - that's normal right?

And of course, we had to visit the classic Vegas sign {with champs in hand}

Then we took pics of each other like normal extra 20 somethings do.


Ok, then we got to work. Market is SO HUGE, SO BUSY and there are a ton of pretty people! It is at the Las Vegas Convention Center and you get on one of what seems to be 100 buses that herd you to the show! It's so fun to see other boutique owners and their styles from all over the country and world! There are hundreds of vendors all lined up in the show area. Their booths can be so intricate and most of them set-up for days prior and have a whole crew to do so. 

Magic brings the largest selection of women's apparel and accessories in the industry. The latest women’s and juniors’ trends, the most-wanted brands and the hottest emerging designers. It’s complete with upbeat music {HOLLA JOJO}, undeniable beauty, and of course, style. We did however, miss James Kennedy from Vanderpump rules. {Click here from our last run-in}.

Here are our top picks:

1. Sneak Peek Denim | Coming in starting September through December --> We got light, dark denim + black/grey denim. We also got distressed jeans and super stretchy comfy fitted denim.

 2. Chunky sweaters with a twist --> arriving now through December. Ivory and white was definitely one of the major colors we saw. Big prints + large details are everything.

3. Dark denim jacket --> Distressed + raw hem

We have a TON more inventory coming, but the pictures are a cluster and not blog worthy Hehe. We can't wait to get these items in and style them! If ya'll want something, holler at your girl.

Go play! {We did a LOT of that this week}


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